About Covesco Music

Who we are

Covesco is a music publishing and an audio and media production company headquarterd in the south east of bavaria and germany near to the boarder to austria.
Our main focus is the development of dramatic audio novels, new cross-media formats, music production and story creation.
Furthermore, we compose music for film and advertising.

What we do

Artist Development

Creative Artist Development, Audio Production,
Marketing, Public Relation.

Audio Novels

Story Creation, Story Development, Script Writing, Composing, Sound Design, Audio Production, Marketing and Public Relation



Composing – Production

Songwriting, Cinematic Music, Music Production, Mastering



Sound Design

Cinematic Sound Design





The Office

Our office is located in the central of the wunderful historic and beautiful small city Tittmoning.
Nearby the historical church and the old castle of Tittmoning. (www.tittmoning.de)
Take a trip to our hometown, you are welcome at any time (but make a short phonecall before )

The Working Enviorment

We are working in a digital studio enviroment with an analog and historic flavour.
Out Studio is located inside several hundred years historic walls.
Our production Network with Six independent VSL Ensemble Hosts give us unlimented sound design possiblities.
Real and Virtual Analog Gear from Universal Audio delivers warmth and authentic analog Sound.

Collaborate with us!

We are open minded to collaborate with writers, artists, illustrators, comic illustrator, musicans, song writers, singer, etc.
Fell free to contact!

Stiftsgasse 1 – 84529 Tittmoning – Germany

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contact @ covesco.studio

fax +49 8683 9999 9999

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